The National Vision, Mission and Goal are for "A peaceful and prosperous Fiji" and to do so, we must be able to "rebuild confidence, stability and economic growth". The principle of equitable sharing of the national wealth is now being undertaken through implementation of the Government Blue Print and Affirmative Action Plan. Together with good governance, it is also considered very important in achieving national security and stability. The private sector will remain as the main driving force of the economy. The expansion of the private sector will create further employment and increasing income foe economic growth. It has been also identified and established that there is sufficient indigenous skills available that could be further developed to foster and contribute to the target economic growth.


"To be the Best in the Pacific Island Countries in adding value to its Fish and Forest Resources"

The vision is based on the potential the Fisheries and Forest Sector have to contribute to the national Vision for "Prosperous and Peaceful Fiji". The two sectors have been given high expectation and will rise to the occasion to provide solutions to the "Peace, Unity and Multi-Racial Harmony" of the nation.


The Ministry of Fisheries and Forest is a newly established Ministry of the Government. It was established with the aim to enhance both sectors visibility and streamline decision-making so that it is more responsive and proactive in facilitating the sustainable development of the fisheries and forest sector. This will be accomplished through strengthening its capacity building, institutional and infrastructure development. Greater emphasis is now placed on the value adding of fisheries and forest products and effective participation of resource owners in the industries. We will expand and strengthen our activities within the above areas, as personnel and finances are adequate and opportunities arise, so that our overall goal growth targets are realized.


The overall strategic target of the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests is to promote and facilitate the sustainable development of both sectors to contribute $1 Billion to the National Gross Domestic Products within the next 10 years.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Forests will be guided by the following philosophy (it is the Ministry’s Creed) in conducting its roles.

Our Values


We will be accountable for our actions and responsibilities ensuring that available authority, resources and information are in compliance with standing instructions procedures

Ethical Practice

We will act in an ethical manner at all times to maintain confidence of clients and maintain good image of government

Excellence Service

We will strive to maintain excellence service with Ministries/Department, Donor Agencies, Embassies and High Commissions, Fisheries and Forests Industries, Fishermen, Farmers and Landowners

Professional Competency and Expertise

We will at all times perform in a competent and professional manner and maintain and enhance our level of training expertise, to ensure we are a credible source of advice on fisheries and forests matters

Continuous Improvement

We will strive to ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of our services to meet need of Ministries/Departments and our clients

Human Resource Development

We will continue to develop our staff through quality Human Resource Development programmes to assist in the skilling and up-skilling of knowledge and skills to meet our goals.