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It is my honor to welcome you to the new Ministry of Fisheries website.

The ministry appreciates your interest in visiting our website since we regard it as a medium for informing our valued audiences of our regulatory and service responsibility for the national fisheries management through the following functions: 

  • Formulating, aligning, reviewing  and implementing policies, strategies, plans, programmes and projects;
  • Providing and administering the regulatory functions under the respective ministry legislations and regulations;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the current strategies, policies and deliverables;
  • Developing and promoting effective training, communication and awareness and extension and advisory services;
  • Strengthening community and industry networks and supporting infrastructure;
  • Maintaining international bilateral and multilateral commitments; and 
  • Undertaking applied research for sustainable fisheries resource management practice and product development.

Through this website, we aim to share fisheries information and strengthen our service delivery all our valued stakeholders.


Call for Written Submissions for National Fisheries Policy

The first National Fisheries Policy was completed in 2016 and has been the guiding policy document for the work of the Ministry of Fisheries under its Strategic and Operational Plan since then. This had to be reviewed after the finalization and the launching of the Ministry’s Strategic Development Plan 2019-2029 in November 2019.

The National Fisheries Policy drives the Ministry’s approach of establishing an underlying policy framework that sustain, manage and protect Fiji’s fisheries resource management and development and will help the Ministry to make progress in areas where Government sees opportunities for growth, and to play our part in strengthening the economy and providing benefits for all Fijians.

The draft copy of the National Fisheries Policy is attached whereby you will be able to read and understand its core intent.

The Ministry of Fisheries therefore invites written submissions addressed to the Acting Permanent Secretary Fisheries, Level 1, Takayawa Building, Toorak, Suva and responses can be emailed to .

Call for submissions will be opened from 29th June – 31st July.

Strategic Development Plan 2019-2029


Opening of  Cicia Fisheries Station

On 29 January Minister for Fisheries Hon. Semi Koroilavesau opened the new Fisheries Station at Natokalau village, Cicia, Lau. 

Hon. Minister said "This development is intended to improve the well-being of communities in the island of Cicia. This initiative will build on the knowledge you currently have to act wisely in managing our resources." "Our collaboration needs to continue so that together we agree to better manage our natural resources and protect our environment," he said.

The ministry is commited to providing efficient and expansive advisory services on coastal fisheries. The Fijian Government allocated $1.8 million in the 2018/2019 Budget for the construction of ice plant facilities, including the fisheries office and staff quarters at Wainigadru, Moala and Cicia.

art6Image Source: Fijian Government, Facebook update, 29 January 2019  


Opening of  Moala Fisheries Station

The new fisheries station in Naroi village, Moala Lau was officially opened by Fisheries Minister Hon. Semi Korolavesau on 28 January.

The government funded $750,000 development now makes it possible for villagers of Moala to improve their livelihood in the sustainable generation of income through fishing. This is part of government's ongoing development towards communities in the rural and outer-lying islands.

art5 Image Source: Fijian Government, Facebook update, 28 January 2019


Permanent Secretary for Fisheries Hands Over Solar Freezer to Doi Village

The second solar freezer was handed over on to Doi Village on the island of Ono-i-Lau by the Permanent Secretary of Fisheries, Mr Craig Strong.

Villagers celebrated in dancing and singing as their new solar freezer will certainly ease storage issues on their marine resources. Mr Strong reiterated the need for villagers to work together to ensure that they maintain all government assistance to the island.

"This is a start of many more collaborations and we will certainly be working with the fishermen's association to try and work out sustainable methods which will see them develop into the future," said Mr Strong. The ministry will be handing out 40 solar freezer units to the rural and maritime islands who do not have access to ice plant services.



Hon. Minister for Fisheries Hands Over Solar Freezer to Udu Village

The Minister for Fisheries, Mr Semi Koroilavesau handed over a solar freezer on 19 January to the village of Udu in Totoya which will be be run by the Udu Fishermen's Association.

Following up on his trip to the Lau group last year, Mr Koroilavesau witnessed the hardships faced by the fishermen in terms of storage whilst awaiting the next boat to transport their fish to ready markets on the mainland.

During the handing over, Mr Koroilavesau stressed on the need for the fishermen to take care of their solar freezer and to ensure that they abide by the terms of reference that was also signed by the ministry and the association. The $20,000.00 solar freezer will certainly ease storage woes that fishermen often face when waiting for the next boat to bring their fish to mainland markets.

59-Year-old Udu Village Headman, Mr Railala Bilitaki said that it was a huge relief for the fishermen on the island and they are grateful for the assistance. "We are really happy with the assistance and would like to thank Government for all the assistance that has been rendered to us over the years," said Mr Bilitaki. Fishermen will have to report back on catch data to the ministry to determine the species and weight of fish caught in their waters.


Pacific Fisheries Leadership Program

Leadership in fisheries is important and managers need to have the ability to lead, make decisions, motivate others and take actions. These were the opening remarks by Minister for Fisheries, Mr Semi Koroilavesau at the Pacific Fisheries Leadership Program (PFLP) at the Novotel in Nadi on 21 January.

"In our region, when dealing with fisheries, being able to lead is essential because marine resources and the ocean defines us as Pacific islanders. The ocean and its resources forms the basis of our tradition and cultural identity,"said Mr Koroilavesau.

"Today, most of our economies depend heavily on the resources our oceans have to offer and having said that, at times, the fisheries sector has sat in the periphery of dialogues and discussions. Listening and watching as programmes and projects develop under various agenda and priorities." Mr Koroilavesau added that the reality is that, fisheries should be at the heart, given that throughout the region our very lives depend on fisheries and its resources. "After all, we, the people of the Pacific, are large oceanic states and the role of fisheries in our everyday lives is unquestionable."

Mr Koroilavesau added that to become a good leader, the participants must have all good qualities. "Moreover, you should identify a role model or a mentor within your organization and use all the opportunity that you have to yoke leadership qualities." The three week workshop brings together 23 emerging leaders from Pacific Fisheries sectors across the region to share, learn and be challenged in sessions facilitated by experts from the University of Queensland Business School. Over the next five years, 125 current and emerging leaders in the Pacific Island fisheries sector will participate in different modules of PFLP. Participants in this learning journey will take part in face to face workshops, learning experiences, coaching and resources relevant to their daily work. The Ministry of Fisheries has three of their officers attending the workshop.


Government of Japan Assistance to the Ministry of Fisheries 

The Government of Japan will be providing assistance to the Ministry of Fisheries through it's Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme.In a signing ceremony that was held on 15, Ambassador of Japan to Fiji, His Excellency Masahiro Omura said that the grant of $370,422 will facilitate the provision of materials to expand the already thriving tilapia seed production to benefit more communities.

"Through this grant, aquaculture equipment and a tractor will be procured to Naduruloulou Research Station which is expected to boost the annual tilapia seed production by one million," said Mr Omura.

"This will ensure further development of aquaculture in Fiji, improvement of food security, livelihood of the farmers, and help meet local demand for fish towards relieving pressure on marine resources," he added. Mr Omura went on to say that the Government of Fiji and Japan have shared technical cooperation over the years and will continue to work together.

Minister for Fisheries, Mr Semi Koroilavesau thanked the Government of Japan for the very kind gesture and hopes that they will continue to collaborate on fisheries programs especially in further developing the aquaculture sector in Fiji.


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