Ministry of Fisheries 


The Fisheries Sector is a vital component of the Fijian economy and a major source of livelihood for Fijians in maritime regions. The Ministry of Fisheries is responsible for the sustainable management of Fiji’s marine resources and for preserving the vital role these resources play in promoting the Fijian way of life. The Ministry monitors and protects the health of marine populations in Fijian waters in order to protect the livelihoods of communities that rely on fishing.

The Ministry through legislation is able to strike a balance between fisheries and marine resource utilisation and the sustainable management and preservation of these resources. Through its work, the Ministry helps Fiji meet its international obligations as part of the global effort to combat overfishing and prevent the extinction of marine species that are currently at-risk.

The Ministry gives full consideration to emerging developments in the fisheries sector, issues relating to conservation and new solutions employed in the fisheries sector to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing practices. The Ministry also works to meet international best practice in implementing sector trade subsidies, maximising resource rent, improving food security, import substitution and diversification, climate change adaptation and mitigation, blue carbon trading, marine biodiversity conservation and disaster management.



The best sustainable fisheries sector for our future generation based on the Blue economy


To Drive Sustainable Fisheries Management, Economic Growth and To Improve Livelihood through SMART Fisheries Strategies


 Responsible:We will discharge our duties with accountability 

Resolute: We will discharge our duties with determination and be firm and fair in our decisions

Respectful:We will be sensitive to individual needs and the diversity of views 

Resourceful:We will be practical, creative, effective and efficient and maintain uncompromising integrity in our daily work

 Reliable:We will do and deliver what we have committed and promised to our customers