August 2018/July 2019 Fisheries Capital Projects 


New Projects

  • $500,000 is allocated to provide assistance to commercial aquaculture (shrimp and prawn) farmers.
  • $450,000 is allocated for the procurement of a new ice machine for the Ba Ice Plant, which will greatly improve the ease of business and increase revenue for the many fishermen in the region.


Ongoing Projects

 Supporting the sustainable growth of aquaculture industries through:

  • Aquaculture Development Programme:supports the expansion of aquaculture through infrastructural upgrade of Naduruloulou Hatchery, Ba and Sigatoka Hatchery and the rehabilitation of Dreketi Hatchery, along with farmer training and awareness at the community level ($350,000).
  • Brackishwater Development Programme: funds infrastructure development at Galoa Station to ensure consistent supply of postlarvae to current shrimp farmers and those Fijians interested in entering into shrimp farming.Funds will also cover the training and advisory support provided to local farmers on proper shrimp farming, allowing them to make the most of their businesses ($380,000).
  • Seaweed Development Programme: supports commercial seaweed production and provides a sustainable, income-generating venture for rural coastal and maritime communities ($259,225).
  • Ongoing Construction of Multi-Species Hatchery – Ra: funds the ongoing upgrade of the hatchery to support the supply of tilapia fingerlings and prawn fly to farmers in the Western Division, greatly bolstering the area’s seafood farming industry ($783,769).
  • Food Security Program–Aquaculture:subsidy support on a 1/3, 2/3 basis provided by Government to assist farmers to develop sustainable aquaculture farms ($300,000).


Providing more efficient and expansive advisory services on inshore/coastal fisheries through:

  • Construction of Ice Plants: funds the construction of ice plant facilities, including the office and quarters at Wainigadru, Moala and Cicia ($1.8million).
  • Coastal Fisheries Development: strengthens inshore fisheries development in the maritime and coastal communities by providing advisory services to fishermen on quality control, fish handling and marketing, deployment of Fish Aggregate Devices (FAD), and engine repair, along with compiling and collating of inshore data and outboard engines($772,380).
  • Upgrade of Lekutu Fisheries Station: funds the completion of the upgrade for cold storage and fishing area facilities($279,000).
  • Purchase of Aluminium Boats: supports the ongoing procurement of aluminium boats to support the Ministry’s operations($225,000).


Supporting extensive research and resource assessment on fish commodities and products through:

  • Makogai Mariculture Development Centre:funds purchase of equipment for the Centre, including reseeding and spawning equipment, and training and awareness for local fishermen ($300,000).
  • Pearl Oyster Research and Development: supports the development of Fiji’s Pearl Farming Industry by conducting feasibility surveys of potential spat collection sites, procuring spat materials, conducting training on spat collector farming and business planning, harvesting of spat from community based farms, the development of the spat/pearl database and the review of the draft Pearl Management Plan ($295,200).
  •  Marine Resource Inventory Survey: funds the survey of iQoliqoli to provide data for management plans that will assist and inform resource owners on sustainable fishing practices ($300,000).
  • Ongoing Cyclone Rehabilitation of Fisheries Office and Quarters: undertakes rehabilitation works on infrastructure damaged during TC Winston, TC Gita, TC Keni and TC Josie that will rebuild infrastructure to a higher standard ($315,000).
  • Ongoing Upgrade of Institutional Office and Quarters: carries out upgrading works at the Ministry’s Naduruloulou, Sigatoka, Lami and Wainibokasi stations ($400,000).