Economic Policy,Planning and Statistics Division                 


The core role of the Economic Policy, Planning & Statistics Division is to provide quality policy advice and secretariat support to the Permanent Secretary for Fisheries & Director Fisheries. The primary functions of the division cover , policy and plans formulation & assessment/analysis, monitoring & evaluation, economic and financial assessments, sector statistics collation and  analysis, stakeholder partnerships & coordination and Information technology services.

The strategic activities include;

  •  Formulation and review of both current and proposed economic policies for the development and management of the fisheries sector
  •  Formulation, review and assessment of strategic and annual plans and programmes for the Ministry and sector
  •  Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of Ministry and sector national initiatives, plans, policies, programmes, capital and donor projects,
  •  The collation, compilation and analysis of key fisheries sector statistics and indicators and coordinate and provide secretariat support for the Min of Fisheries Statistics   Committee.
  •  Technical economic assessments and financial analyses  of existing or proposed policy, plan, programme,  or technical infrastructure interventions,
  • Conduct economic modelling, performance investigations/surveys of  existing fisheries commodities, industry segments, infrastructure, investments and associated/related   business establishments and industries to evaluate impact of existing policy, plans or prorgammes on the targeted stakeholders.
  •  Facilitate and strengthen strategic alliances through coordinating fisheries industry stakeholder consultations such as National Council meetings, Commodity taskforces, Inter-   Agency Committee’s.
  • Facilitate and provide effective trade and investment advise and guidelines covering all fisheries products; as well as international trade laws and standards  with the aim to   promote best trade practices  and compliance.
  •  Exploring trade & market opportunities through market research and trade intelligence to facilitate private sector marketing prospects of fisheries commodities.                          
  • Facilitation & Coordination of Capital Projects which includes the identification and preparation of the Ministry’s Public Sector Investment Programme proposals & the   preparation of the ministry’s annual operational and capital budget submission in consultation with the relevant Principal Fisheries Officers and Divisional Heads.
  •  Facilitate Capital Project Committee Meetings, MFF Quarterly Reviews & ACP Review & Workshops.
  •  IT and communications support(hardware and software) services for all divisions of the Ministry