Fleet and Technical Support Division


Fleet and Technical Support Division provides sea going, shore based (Marine, refrigeration and automotive) engineering, vessel maintenance and  carpentry support services. The roles of the activity are as follows:

  • Collaboration with ODA (OFCF Japan) for replacement of ageing ice plants.
  • Installation of new ice machines and blast freezers.
  • Facilitate the activities of the Fisheries Research, Fisheries Inshore Support Services, Training and capacity building work.
  • Exploratory research for deepwater snapper, other associated species and mapping of sea mounts.
  • Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) deployment.
  • New mini longline , pole & line gear trials and assessment.
  • Tuna Tagging / release /recapture program.
  • To take the market to the people in the maritime islands.
  • Undertake preventative servicing and maintenance of small engine.
  • Control and monitor all Fisheries vessels’ operations, repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintenance of ice plants, blast freezers, generators, machineries and engines.
  • Ensure seaworthiness of Fisheries Vessels – FIMSA Compliance.
  • Incidental maintenance of Office and Institutional Quarters